Representative office services

To establish, maintain and operate efficiently a long-term representative office, requires adequate permanent staffing in all departments such as accounting, human resource, IT, marketing, and administration. However, due to limited financial resources, the representative offices may not have enough staff for all the work as stated. Therefore, the management department usually have to undertake other tasks, and it often consume too much time. While the activity of a representative office to be evaluated through the results from promotion of business activities, establish linkages, relationships with partners, customers, and the local authorities . Therefore, even though the administration is necessary, but it takes up too much time for the management of the representative office, which caused many problems to the overall performance of the representative office.
VAAL can help the management of the representative office overcome the concerns about governance issues and  can concentrate more on completing objectives, plans of the representative offices through the provision of outsourcing for all of the departments such as accounting, payroll, tax, IT, marketing... From there, the activity's results of the representative offices will be improved significantly..
Services which VAAL provide for representative office icluding:
- License Service:
          + Establishment license.  
          + License Adjustment. 
          + Closing Procedure.
- Labour Service:
          + Work Permit for Foreigner.
          + Employee registering and moving reports.
          + Updated and Support for Vietnam new regulations involving to labour and wages.
- Wages & Insurance Service:
          + Wages calculation.
          + Wages Payment (on behalf of your side).
          + Procedure of Social Insurance, Health Insurance & Jobless Insurance for Employee.
          + Wage scale Consultancy.
- Tax Declaration Service:
          + Personal Income Tax (PIT) Code registration for Employee.
          + PIT Declaration monthly/quarterly.
          + PIT Finalization.
          + PIT refund procedure.
          + Tax finalization for Closing.
- Foreign contractor tax (FCT) service:
          + FCT code registration .
          + FCT consultancy.
          + FCT declaration and finalization.
- Service for yearly operation report and other reports to Authorities.
- Other services:
          + Temporary staffing.
          + Staffs training.
          + Temporary office during license applying period.
          + Other issues consultancy.


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