Audit for construction finalization

Our audit of construction finalization that we provide not only give opinion but also provide you with effective advise and solution to overcome obstacles and improve management control, We believe that by combining knowledge about audit, tax, financial consulting and advisory service, we can clearly identify customers' limit, and thus, help and create better value for customers.
This is one of the most successful activities of VAAL. The services we have been providing and are always ready to give to the clients nationwide include:

- Auditing finalized investment accounts of projects and finalized construction accounts:
   + Civil projects (Appartments, Hotels, Offices).
   + Transportation (Roads, Bridges, Airport, Sea port...)
   + Industry projects, especially Electricity industry projects (Hydropower, Thermoelectric...)
   + Agriculture projects, Irrigation...
   + Other projects.
- Valuating assets which are properties, lands, machineries, transportations...
- Valuating company for the purpose of equitization.
- Investment and construction advisory.

Our services are conducted on the basis of the strict compliance with the prevailing State regulations on construction management for both foreign direct investment and local investment projects in combination with the evidence on the existence, suitability and the market prices of the assets.

Our audit reports will help you complete the formalities to get the approvals of the related authorities on your finalized construction investment accounts and the finalized valuation of the projects before the construction works are put into use. At the same time, our services results will provide you with reliable information and figures and data to select the right business partners and to serve the purposes of mortgaging, transferring, equitizing, disposing and liquidating the businesses, etc. in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.



Viet Australia Auditing Ltd (VAAL) is an independent auditing firm, established in Socialist Republic of Vietnam


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